W.polo 2W EVA Trolley Case Collection


This W.polo 2W EVA trolley case collection consists a series of fashionable and affordable soft luggage cases that are perfect for those who are always travelling, be it local or abroad, for business or pleasure. It has features of ;-


Lightweight & Durable

This W.polo suitcase trolley is both lightweight yet durable. It is made out of polyester/nylon fabric with a hardened shell ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which has a longer durability as it can withstand accidental drops and spills without so much as a scratch or crack. It also features a bigger and wider zipper no. 10 on its main compartment to ensure a better strength.


Expandable with multiple compartments


The best thing about using a W.polo soft case trolley is its expandable capability should you need more space for your personal belongings. It also comes with full inner lining with multiples compartments for you to organize your packing.


Steady to maneuver


With a 2 large rollers built-in at each side of the suitcase, this EVA suitcase trolley is steady to roll on without wobbling and it is suitable to use on any surface.  It also has a strong and retractable trolley with push button, making it easy to push around without any pressure or strain on the arm. 


Safe locking system

The 3 digits numbering combination lock on the suitcase is a perfect addition as you can now rest easy knowing your personal belongings are safe and sound inside the suitcase. You can set your personal combination password by referring to a few simple steps from an instruction included inside the bag.


  • Lightweight EVA material
  • 2-wheels & extendable compartment
  • Lightweight , Durable and affordable 
  • 3 digit numbering combination lock
  • Retractable trolley with push button
  • Dimensions 20'' (36cm x 57cm x 56cm) weight 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions 24'' (43cm x 28cm x 66cm) weight 3.0 kg
  • Dimensions 28'' (49cm x 31cm x 76cm) weight 3.9 kg
  • After-sale service/repair available


SKU: WE1686
RM109.00 Regular Price
RM89.00Sale Price

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