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Giordano Travel Gear

"Giordano Travel Gear: "Be in Fashion, Anytime, Anywhere"..and become A True Travel Connoisseur!" Fully-integrated luggage brand that combines an element of style and fashion elegantly in its entire product range. Giordano is known for its everyday Styling to suite all age groups by introducing new range of products every few days and provide value for money to all our customers. The luggage brand seeks to adapt to the lifestyle of "inn-travelers", especially for those who wish to travel in style!


  • Durable & light weight
  • C/W raincoat cover
  • Soft & spongy strap
  • Attractive colours
  • Multi-compartment
  • Simple & Classy Outlook
  • Compartment for stationary  
  • Size 19 inch (31 x 16 x 46 in cm)
  • Weight 0.34kg
  • 1 year warranty period!
  • Provide after-sales service!


RM139.00 Regular Price
RM109.00Sale Price
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