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Trolley school bags are extremely popular choices especially among Asia markets. This is due to an overloading bag weight students are carrying nowadays and many parents are choosing to buy trolley school bags for their younger children to prevent heavy stress on their small body-frame and other health issues such as growth problems.

​Our trolley school bags are specifically developed based on research and feedback from consumers to tailored their needs and tackle some of the issues faced by todays' students. Below are some of product's features and its functions that you should know. Proper usage of our trolley school bag product is important and could enable parents and students in ensuring it's durability and quality.

Tips   To Look At For Trolley School Bag


Duo features of "Rollers & Back Straps"


Some of the trolley school bags in the market come without back straps and have only trolley for rolling function. Almost all of our trolley school bags will have duo functionality which enable students to roll their trolley bag and back straps like any normal school bag for student back-carry when needed. 

Handle and rollers quality


Its is important that parents should always look at the quality of the handle and rollers when buying a trolley school bag. The materials used also play a big role. The puller handle & rollers thickness/ size make a big impact in determining the strength and weight load capacity and hence a correct proportion with the size of the bag is necessary. So if you see a big size bag with a thin handles or small rollers, this product is not going be as durable.  For our trolley school bags, we ensure the material, size and quality are properly used according to the bag's proportion. Our puller handle are made of solid but lightweight material and our rollers are very long-lasting on rough road surface.


Detachable trolley school bag


​Some parents face dilemma when it comes to choosing the right school bag. Almost all primary students book weight is overloaded. Trolley school bag is surely suitable for most of them, however, for those where their classroom is located multiple-storey building, the weight of trolley school bag itself could prove to be an extra burden for them to back-carry​

Adding into our product range is the detachable trolley. This latest development is designed specifically to counter these problems. With simple release buckles and detachable functions, parents now need not to worry anymore. Trolley for the heavy-books-day, backpack only on the hiking-up-day.

HOW  to use &  care for  your  trolley school bag


Attaching bag and trolley (for detachable trolley bag only)


Step 1: Insert the trolley in between bag and its back panel.

Step 2: Ensure the bag magic tape in stick properly at the base and both

               side buckles are fasten.


Step 3: Pull the trolley handle up. Fasten the strap belt on top the bag

               to the trolley.


Step 4: Make sure the back straps are placed in between both of the pullers.

Step 5: Insert back straps to the webbing buckles and adjust the straps.

Detaching trolley school bag  (for detachable trolley bag only)


Step 1: Release back straps from webbing buckles.

Step 2: Release buckles at bottom sides of bag and unfasten the belt on top

               center at the back of the bag.


Step 3: Slowly detach the bag from the trolley base by pulling up and out .

Step 4: Insert back the back straps to the webbing buckles and adjust again.


When rolling - Back straps pocket


Most of our trolley school bags will come with a pocket compartment at its back panel. This pocket for back straps function is designed to avoid the damage of the straps from the rough road surfaces and being rolled over by the roller wheels. When rolling, please ensure the bag's back straps are tucked into the pocket. This function can also prevent back straps from getting dirty.


When Back Carrying - Roller cover


Almost all of our trolley school bags will feature a piece of lining roller cover with elastic, hidden in the lower back panel. This lining cover function is designed for students to wrap the roller wheels when they want to back-carry they school bag and to avoid the rollers from dirtying their uniforms. When rolling, please ensure this lining cover is taken off from rollers and kept inside the back panel to prevent damages.

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